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Wheel of the Year Temple Tours

Women of the Temple - Gather!

We are launching Wheel of the Year Deepening Circles.  

Beginning at IMBOLC, when we begin 'in the belly.' Seeding and Birthing our true and authentic essence.  

We will celebrate the seasonal wheel at the Cross Quarters, Autumn and Winter Solstice, and Spring and Summer Equinox.

Currently creating half and full day gatherings which may include overnight stays and visits to Florida’s First Coast Sacred Sites as aligned with our seasonal theme.

Together we will experience: 

*Ritual Emersion 

*Ceremonial Transformation

*Sisterhood Connection





Together we will Seed + Bloom + Harvest + ReSeed + Celebrate as women embracing the divine feminine energies and essence in witness and support.

Wheel of the Year Retreats


Imbolc - Feb

Stay Tuned for RSVP details .... 


Cycle: Imbolc - Cross Quarter

Date: 2/2 +/-

Direction on the Wheel: Northeast

Life Stage: Crone/Maiden

Theme: Purification + Spring Cleaning + Goal Setting

Ceremonies with Fire, Light 

Honor the Feminine Cycle of reappearance after winter.

Priestess Time: Readiness .. clean, clear, self and space, fresh and renewed

Goddess: Brigid, Flora, Venus, Aphrodite, Hestia, Athena, Inanna, Artemis

Ritual: Release in order to deepen into an empty vessel to listen for the voice of the Goddess. 

Plants / Nature Elements: Heather, Irises, Violet

Food: Rosemary, Basil, Berries, Muffins, Scones, Spice Wine

Crystals: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Turquoise

Colors: Yellow, Red, White

Intention: Release, Renew

Focus: Deepen / Seed

Locations:  Misty Water Priestess Studio



Cycle: Spring Equinox - Ostara

Date: 3/21

Direction: East

Life Stage: Maiden

Theme: Spring has sprung. New Life. Equal light. Flora in abundance. Create, give birth, do wonderful things. Goddess is in full beauty in maidenhood .. honor the masculine within us and celebrate a state of ACTION. 

Priestess time: Blooming, Beauty, Creativity. Surround ignite your creative fire in spiritual practice, life, career, New Projects / To Do 

Goddess: Ostara, Flora 

Crystals: Green Aventurine, Agate, Moonstone, Sunstone




Cycle: Beltane

Date: 4/30-5/1

Direction: East

Life Stage - Maiden

Theme: Fertility of Mother Earth .. lust, passion, sensuality, abundance; sexual union between Goddess/God. Lovers , Plants are in full bloom, filled with magic and medicine. crops begin to show, 

Priestess Time: Embodied Sensuality. Honor the Sacred Container of the body that holds soul, intuition and spiritual magic. 

Goddess: Maeve, Cybele, all fertility and sex goddesses.

Crystal: rose quartz, malachite, garnet, moss agate, carnelian, tigers eye




Cycle: Summer Solstice - Litha

Date: 6/21

Direction: South 

Life Stage - Mother

Theme: Joy, strength, fullest power. pregnant or early birth stage and growing larger. 

Priestess time: Shining, Full Bloom. Be out in the world creating and making magick, spreading good intentions, weaving your work and being seen … most vibrant, shining self. DO your work. 

Goddess: Amaterasu, Hestia, Juno, Minerva, Sol, Oshun, Durga, Sun Goddesses

Crystal: Sunstone, Citrine, Ruby




Cycle: Lammas

Date: 8/1

Direction: West  

Life Stage - MAGA (queen, priestess)

Theme: Beginning of the harvest … Loaf Mass (Lammas)Thanksgiving, Bread, Gratitude, thanks, thoughtfulness. Reflect on success of year, reward, facing change and impending descent. 

Priestess time: Gratitude, Thanks, Thoughtfulness. Reflection on success. reward selves. (BRAG)

Goddess:Ceres, Demeter, Danu, Hestia, Vesta

Crystal: Yellow Aventurine, Golden Topaz, Tigers Eye, Clear Quartz




Cycle: Autumn Equinox -Mabon

Date: 9/21

Direction: West

Life Stage - MAGA (queen, priestess)

Theme: Sharing what is harvested. further thanksgiving. 

Gratitude, Thanks, Thoughtfulness. Equal night/day. 2nd crops are ready for harvest. Look back on personal seeds planted and check if they have come to harvest … and celebrating those that have .. prepare to rest. Storage of food. 

Priestess Time: deepening gratitude and slowing down after summer frenzy. crone nears. deepen into what you desire to be doing in winter time/meaningful winter. restorative .. 

Goddess: Pomona, Morgan, Rhiannon, Persephone, the Muses

Crystal: Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Lapis Lazuli

Celebration/Honoring: Candles, Nuts, Seeds and Fall Altar Colors, nature walks, journaling

Intention: Preserving, Sharing

Focus: Reflection / Harvest

Locations: Harvest Soup Gathering (home studio); 




Cycle: Samhain

Date: 10/31-11/1

Direction: North 

Life Stage - Crone

Theme: Ancestors, family, elders, friends, pets who have died. Halloween/Day of Dead. Festival of Darkness. The veil between the living and after life is thinnest. Communicate with passed, powers of divination, second sight, intuition and supernatural are strengthened. Acknowledge without death, there can be no rebirth.  

Priestess time: Intuition, power, strength. Deepening and time to retreat within, reflecting and paying respects to our lineage. Forgiveness

Goddess: Cerridwen, Hecate, Hel, Oya, Morrigan, Lilith, Kali, Ishtar, Rhiannon, Persephone, Inanna, Baba Yaga, Isis. All crone goddesses

Crystal: Black Obsidian, Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Pyrite, Ruby


winter solstice


Cycle: Winter Solstice

Date: 12/21

Direction: Midpoint

Life Stage: Crone

Theme: Cocooned in warmth and deepening into stillness. Be-ing instead of Do-ing. 

Priestess Time: Rest and Reflection

Goddess: Cerridwen, Hecate, Dark/Crone/Death Goddesses

Crystals: Black Onyx, Ruby, Bloodstone, Azurite, Snowflake Obsidian, Snow Quartz, Sugilite


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