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embracing women's spirituality


embracing women's spirituality


what is A priestess?

A Priestess shines her Light as the feminine face of god . . . the goddess. She celebrates with ceremony, stories, dance, art, healing, gardening, caring for children, writing, doulas for birth and death, herb lore, expressive activities, and many other feminine arts. To the Priestess, all life is a sacred circle and she becomes a vessel of wisdom, strength, truth and compassion.  

With her incredible gift of infinite love, passion, and connection to the higher vibration, she creates a safe and sacred space for you to be witnessed as you receive and transform the wounds of the masculine patriarchy and step into and embrace your full divine feminine expression.. 

This is the tremendous power of an awakened woman . . . she has the love to transform our world. She calls to you and invites you to birthed into the void of your own glorious being.

Priestess~by~the~Sea Offerings

fire circle priestess


Women gather in  transformational witness and sacred circle regularly to experience the trusting bond of sisterhood. Together we enjoy ceremony and sharing as we mark our passages and cycles on our path to discovery of our higher selves. 

MOON meditation priestess


In ritual and circle, we embrace the natural energies of both the sun and the moon cycles to bring balance and wholeness into our lives. We use the reflective and changing cycles of the moon to develop our feminine, receptive, intuitive balance within nature and ourselves by setting new intentions at the new moon and seeding those dreams in order to manifest during the full moon cycle. 

sound energy priestess


Crystal and brass singing bowl gatherings and sessions connect and balance us with the universal frequency of oneness and unity. Crystalline energy and angelic sound baths create a blissful state of relaxation so our mind, body, and spirit is open to natural healing.

sacred drumming priestess


The drum is the oldest form of communication and celebration bringing us in balance with our heartbeat and the collective pulse of the planet.  Discovering and accessing our own personal rhythm allows us to be full participants in our whole body health and wellness.

oracle ancestry priestess


Remembering our feminine ancestry together in circle, and attending to the thread of our lineage, we weave our experiences as maiden, mother, warrior, and sage to create an ongoing tapestry of divine feminine purpose and personal fulfillment. We become an oracle in our time and a legacy in the lineage of the goddess. 

spiral path to priestess


This is an individual inner journey that often includes learning to trust in your intuition, a reweaving of the red path of feminine wisdom, and reconnecting with the womb portal of the deep lunar teachings and mysteries. We awaken our spiritual practice when we share, journal, and live in honor of our precious light so we may find the answers to our soul's longing.


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